Designed by Claude Miceli, the red Puffy Sleeves Table, with its organic shapes, is inspired by 19th century women’s blouses.

This tall table ( 120 cms high ) could be used as a stand to display an art object, a lamp or on itself.

It could also be used a dinner table with a larger top part or a coffee table with shorter legs.

This table can be cast in bronze, metal, aluminum, resin, recycled plastic, wood chips, papier maché, compressed cardboard, etc… and painted with any color and finish.


Designed by Claude Miceli, Mimosa is a little stool that takes its place around the coffee table or anywhere in the living room or children’s bedroom. Its small size makes it a small functional object to be placed anywhere.

The prototype for this seat is inspired by nature, pebbles, mimosa, bean, bird. Key words are: tactile, sensual, organic, biomimicry.

The ‘stone’ part can be cast in any metal, fibreglass, transparent dyed resin with led lights (then becoming a lamp which can be displayed on pieces of furniture or shelves). Versatile finish and a wide range of colors can be applied on this cute little Mimosa Seat.

The Drum Tables are a collaboration between Claude Miceli and Jean-Christian Knaff. They are custom made as one of a kind. Any shape can be done. The table top resin has inclusions which can be personalized according to demand. The inside is lit by LED lights.

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