Jaipur, Rajasthan.
A flock of flying carpets. Multi-coloured embroidered dots are pinned on the Pink City’s sunset screen. Could this be heaven?
Our designs have been inspired by Jean-Christian Knaff”s paintings , his mother’s cross stitches embroidery book collection from the 1950ies and Claude Miceli’s designs. They are all unique creations.
Our rugs are 100% wool. All the process and the manufacturing of our rugs are Fair Trade. Depending on the size and the chosen yarns, time of delivery may vary. Different sizes and colours are available. Silk or wool and silk are also an option.
They are made in Rajasthan, India, hand knotted at 140 knots per square inch. They will last a lifetime … and more.

Please email us before placing an order to check availability.

Please contact us via email for retail inquiries.




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Rugs images and videos by Roy Pike